I wanted something special on the "Find Match" button. It is the button that players use to commit into searching for an online game, so its appearance should be attractive and interesting. I created this animated material to match the title of the game. It is "sandstormy", and it has some nice sub motion of sparkling sand inside the dense clouds.
This heat wave effect adds some motion over the key art, to make it more interesting. The heat wave effect only affects some parts of the image (base on a custom alpha channel)
Animated icon for "Download in progress". The asset is a RGB texture and each channel is one element of the animation. I didn't need to use the A channel on this texture.
This material is used in the HUD, to represent a drum magazine, on your weapon.
Players can customize their team color, so I authored this "tintable" material. It uses a custom range from the Alpha channel as a tint mask, eliminating the need of an additional texture as mask.

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